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DVD Features
Keep Case
2-Disc Set
Anamorphic Widescreen - 16:9

Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Additional Release Material:
Additional Audio Material -
1. Purity
Behind The Scenes Footage

Interactive Features:
Multiple Angels

1. People = Shit
2. Liberate
3. Left Behind
4. Eeyore
5. Get This
6. Disasterpiece
7. Purity
8. Gently
9. Eyeless
10. My Plague
11. The Heretic Anthem
12. Spit It Out
13. Wait And Bleed
14. (sic)
15. Surfacing

Download the Heretic Anthem from the DVD (Realvideo)
Download Clown's Introduction To The 'Disasterpieces' DVD (Quicktime)
Download the official trailer (Quicktime)

The Review
» Package
The box is simple - opens to reveal two discs, and there is no book or scene/chapter index insert, as with many DVD's. The design is simple, yet effective - in the center of the two disc trays, lies the Slipknot logo. Around the first disc tray, there are photos of the band members, along with their numbers (they go by numbers on stage for anybody who didn't already know). Around the second disc tray, there are alternate photos of the band members and their names. The discs themselves are labeled with either the band members' names or numbers, and have arrows pointing to the corresponding photos (kind of clever).

» Disc 1: The Live Set
The live performance features a complete set from a show they did in London, England. There are 15 songs, as follows:

People = Sh*t
Left Behind
My Plague
New Abortion
The Heretic Anthem
Spit It Out
Wait and Bleed

The set is covered by over 30 cameras, in both feature-quality film and digital video. As an added bonus to the viewers, each member has a mini-cam attached to their head, which makes for some interesting and frenetic shots.
In-between some of the songs, there are documentary pieces: one shows the band preparing for the show, putting on outfits and masks (they never show their faces), another shows the stage being set up and sound checks (Mick playing guitar and Joey tearing up the drums), and another shows an autograph session. A couple of these pieces are just too long, boring, and unnecessary. At least the autograph session is funny because it lets you see how crazy and obsessed some Slipknot/metal fans can be (there's one guy with a dog mask that shakes hands with Corey, then proceeds to fall to the floor and flail about while screaming).

As far as editing, sound, and picture quality, everything is superb. Some of the editing could possibly induce motion sickness or an epileptic seizure, but it all fits with the pacing of the music. There's even a special feature called Maggot Edits, which offers you a chance to view a couple of the songs from a different angle.

The performance itself is some of the best concert footage I've ever seen, heavy metal or not. All of the members, even down to 133 (the sample man), who looks like he's doing nothing but looking at his groove box and head banging the whole time, are high in energy, as well as the audience. Slipknot definitely has a stage presence. Add in the costuming, lighting, smoke, and snow effects, pyro, and stage design (goat heads, the giant numbers "666" on either side of the stage that light up, and a massive backdrop depicting the Slipknot logo), and you have a truly quality show.

A couple of highlights are Joey's drum solo and where Corey gets the entire crowd to get down on the ground and jump up when he yells "Jump the f*** up" during Spit It Out. It takes about five minutes for him to get everybody down, but it's funny since he's repeatedly cussing out the audience. He involves the crowd at any chance he can get. From talking in-between songs to invoking sing-alongs. Sometimes, they say, and do, some pretty dumb things, like constantly flicking off the camera, but I guess that's supposed to be one of their trademarks. And, by the end of the set, Sid is running around half-naked, mooning the audience.

The mix is probably one of the best aspects of the live set - some of the songs sound better than the album versions, I hate to say. The only problem I have with the sound is with Chris's and Clown's back-up vocals. Both of them sound like they're straining, and sometimes, they can barely be heard. Then again, I don't have the best sound system, so it may be because of that.

Aside from some of the documentary pieces breaking up the flow, the live set alone makes the purchase worthwhile.

» Disc 2: The Videos
This disc features all of Slipknot's videos:

My Plague
Left Behind (Director's Cut)
Wait and Bleed
Wait and Bleed (Animated version)
Spit It Out

It also features the audio-only track Purity, which was previously unreleased.

I've only watched this disc a total of two times. The My Plague video is the censored version from the Resident Evil soundtrack, which sucked (the movie), I might add. Left Behind is an uncensored version of the video that aired on MTV. Wait and Bleed is nothing but clips from a concert. The animated version is the album version of the song, which is animated, believe it or not. Spit It Out is, I believe, the first video Slipknot released. It kind of reminded me of a cross between an old ICP video and a low-budget comedy/horror - think Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

This has definitely been a wise purchase. Though I've only watched each of the music videos once or twice, I've watched the live set nearly a dozen times, skipping the docs of course. I highly recommend it. It's obvious that Slipknot, and their crew, put a lot of effort into the live set and designing the stage, as well as putting together and packaging the DVD.

Review by: saulsx

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