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Donnie Steele, ex Slipknot Guitarist
Donnie was the original guitarist for Slipknot. Even before Josh. He recorded on ALL of the songs on the CD. He quit the band for personal reasons ( he found God, and felt there was a conflict ) while Slipknot were still finishing up the mixing. Mick wasn't even on the album, though his pic is in there.

Josh #4 ex Slipknot Guitarist

Josh Brainard, commonly known as Gnar to his band mates, was one of the original Slipknot guitarists, alongside Donnie Steele. Josh was asked to join the band after playing with Anders, Joey and Paul for several years. Originally Josh was the topping to the music produced, adding back up vocals, a touch of melody and his work on the guitar was placed over what was already there, being mainly noise and wah pedal stuff. Later on, however, Mick took on the 'noise' role and this caused Josh to take on a more rhythmic guitar role. Josh was present for both MFKR and the self titled album, being in both the recordings. Most people are unaware that Josh recorded all but one of the songs on the self titled album, the song he does not appear on being Purity which contained his replacement Jim Root. The reason Josh left the band is between him and Slipknot, they are still good friends and he didn't leave because of touring and being away from his family, this is simply a rumour. Josh is now part of a new band, that of Undone who can be checked out at the following address:

TRAGIC: Undone has split up, On the message board was: Effective June 11th, Undone has disbanded. We want to personally thank all of the bands and individuals who have supported us.  Your e-mails and comments mean the world to us.  We hope you have enjoyed what you've heard and seen. This website will stay up for a while so that you may continue to enjoy the pictures and videos for a bit longer.  Feel free to contact us individually via the Contact/Booking page and continue to post your comments to the Guest book. We will be uploading pictures from our June 3rd show at The House of Bricks and the video of our ENTIRE last show at Hairy Mary's. Again, thank you all. It is done. Scott, Chuck, Josh.

Cuddles #3 ex Slipknot Percussion

Cuddles, otherwise known as Greg Welts is the ex-Slipknot percussionist. He had a similar role to that of Chris Fehn who replaced him. Cuddles, although looking mundane and stoned (see below) was like Sid, in the respect that he was one crazy mother fucker. During shows he smashed up sets and even threw his drum kit into the crowd. Cuddles became part of the band following the departure of Anders Colsefni and much against the advice of family and friends. Before joining the band Cuddles was the groups tattooist and is responsible for the tribal S tattoo on Anders' leg and several other tattoos. Cuddles also drummed for another band, The Havenots which also included Joey and Paul. Despite not being within the group during the time MFKR was recorded, Cuddles appears on the inside tray. He was the naked guy, and was thanked at the back of the album. Cuddles has been the only guy to ever be sacked from the band, this was due to his lack of dedication to the position he took on and the lack of contribution besides the parts Anders previously delt with, he played his last show during the summer of '98 shortly before the signing to Roadrunner Records. Following his movement away from the band and the firing from Axiom piercing studio, Greg left Des Moines. He currently owns a tattoo shop in South Dakota named "The Ultimate Prick" - there are rumours that this has been shut down now.

Dav-O on Cuddles a.k.a Greg: "I met Greg one week night at 2nd Ave Foundry in the Summer of 95. One of the Owners, Eddy introduced us. We spent the night talking about the OC scene. Greg had been part of the OC scene for a number of years in the early 80s and had played with Mad Parade, Organised Crime, claimed to have played a few gigs with CH3 and had made the finial cut trying out for Agent Orange. He moved out here with his pregnant girlfriend and got caught cheating shortly after she gave birth. She throw him out and he went back to Steamboat, CO. When I was in need of a tattooist, Greg moved back out here and started drumming for us.

Anders ex Slipknot Vocalist

Anders in Painface

Anders Colsefni was the original Slipknot vocalist, following friend, Shawn asking him to rejoin the band in '95 following earlier thoughts in '93, using the fact that the band would play a series of genres including rap, jazz, metal and even disco. As a result Anders, a relatively inexperienced vocalist, had to adapt to the new music by changing himself and his style - so he did. The driving force of Anders' voice was the basis of Slipknot and it defined what Slipknot were about, fans were blown away by him. In 1996 Anders performed on the album MFKR where his talent will remain stored. Many fans of Slipknot today criticise Ander's voice, despite a role in the band very similar to that of Max Calvera of Soulfly (previously Sepultura). A year after the release of MFKR, Corey Taylor was brought in to produce a more radio friendly voice to the band, pushing Anders into the position of percussionist. Anders however wanted to put his heavy metal voice to a good cause and as a result left Slipknot to create his own breed of heavy metal band, Painface and essentially take-over where Slipknot's MFKR left off.

Painface (ex-vocalist's band) Split: Posted on painface website: June 25, 2001 Dear friends and fans, As of June 23rd, 2001 Painface has parted ways. CD's are no longer available for sale. All merchandise is gone. We had a great time while it lasted, met some great people, and will never forget the ones that went out of their way to help. Thanks to all who supported the PAIN. Painface OUT! Anders, Jas, Jeremy, Sinn
He has now started up a new band named onapalehorse.

Sean Mcmahon, MFKR producer Sean's site:
"During late '95 I was contacted by former members of a band called Body Pit to check out their new band at their rehearsal space. I did. I was Floored! That band was Slipknot." - The words of Sean.  At the time, Slipknot had 3 drummers and a guy who wore a wolf skin loin cloth, singing songs about life as a Werewolf. They were so incredibly tight! I did not understand where they were coming from, lyrically, but I could plainly see they were extremely good at what they did: 'Pushing the Envelope of the Hardcore genre'. I produced Slipknot's First CD, "Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat." That was followed By a second CD, which will never see the light of day. We also recorded demos of 6 songs, including "Spit It Out", their first single. "Spit It Out" is the only studio track appearing on their #1 Selling Music Video, "Welcome To Our Neighbourhood". Two other songs from that period, "Interloper" and "Me Inside" appear on the European release of Slipknot's Roadrunner debut album. Yes, much happened in between M.F.K.R and Slipknot's Signing with Roadrunner. I spent about 2000 hours in 1996 - 1997 in the studio with Slipknot, and devoted my free time towards the advancement of the band's career. Fortunately, I was able to get Slipknot into the hands of people who possessed the know-how and power to make the Slipknot happen."

Marilyn Manson Remix: Joey Jordison, Slipknot's Drummer and Producer/Engineer Sean Mcmahon spent the early part of January creating an extended remix of Marilyn Manson's "The Fight Song", from Manson's "Holywood" CD (Interscope)

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