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Headbangersball Interview - 22 May, 2004

Jamey Jasta: Welcome back. SlipKnot is here with me in the studio. How was it working with Rick Rubin? Did he actually show up?

Corey Taylor: Once in a while. (laughs) He kicked it on the couch, stroked his beard, nodded, then he was out, you know.

JJ: I heard Kerry King saying, you know, he doesn't show up.

CT: Yeah, well, a lot of people have issues with the way he works, you know, which is fine, whatever, but I mean, its the end result that really matters and I think the album will speak for itself, so.

JJ: So, did he take you, like, to a new place?

CT: He, well, we were thinking about going there anyway, but, I mean, he definately encouraged us, you know, I mean, on this album, we really wanted to break out of, sort of the wall, the kinda closed-in space we had painted for ourselves and really show everybody in the band and show that there was more to this band then just what everybody had seen previsouly, so, we really got to shine on this one. There's a lot of good stuff on it.

JJ: Alright, so we will find out Tuesday. This Tuesday, it's coming out. Right now, we've got your first video. It's the consept video, not the live version of Wait and Bleed. There was some controversy with it or you just didn't like it?

CT: Mick, Mick, what was the problem with this video?

MicK Thompson: Uhhh, IT SUCKED!

CT: There you go.

JJ: (laughing)

JJ: So, lets se the record straight. How close were you guys to coming to breaking up? I heard rumors there were some cancelled shows, you guys went and did side projects, was it really that bad?

CT: It was, I mean, we were just like totally disconnected from each other man, you know, I mean, me and Jim were over here, Joey was over there, and everybody else was, you know, kinda doing their own thing and we just, it had just gotten to the point where we just didn't want to talk, you know, and it was a lot of darkness around us, so when it came time to get back together to do this, it was just really important to reconnect, you know. A lot of that came with cleaning our house, you know, sort to speak, and getting rid of all the poison that was there, and just making sure that we had people that were working with us, not against us, which took a long time, you know, I mean, the great thing about this band is that, you know, things try to come in and sepereate us and kill us and we just keep mowing through it and it definitely made us stronger as a band and it really helped us get back together and it shows on this album, and the last tour was just like the best time we ever had on the road, just hanging out more, and just being friends again. That's what was huge.

JJ: Cool. Let's talk about the cover of the record. You've got a mask on there. Does it signafy anything?

CT: Well, Shawn has always really had a great eye for the art direction and stuff and on this one, he created this mask, which is kind of a symbol of all our kids, you know, all our maggots. It basically became the maggot mask and it just kinda unifys everything; kinda brings everybody back, you know, cause we've been gone for a while and it's kind of a symbol to let everybody know that we didn't forget, you know and it's kind of a dedication to them.

JJ: So, like now that you guys all have different variations of the mask, have you seen some of the fans now trying to make new masks or do people come out with the old ones on?

CT: Yeah, it's funny man, I mean, for the first few shows, everybody was coming with the old ones and were like "UHH." So they would run home and build a new one out of a shopping bag, some glue, and some glitter. It was weird man.

JJ: (laughs)

CT: Seriously man. So, like by the end of the tour man, people were really starting to get into the new way and it really shows.

JJ: Alright. Coming up, we're gonna find out what these guys are planning for this summers Ozzfest so keep it right here, on Headbanger's Ball.

JJ: You guys are headlining the second stage at Ozzfest this year.

CT: Yeah.

JJ: Now, in the past and actually on this last tour, you scaled things down.

CT: Yeah.

JJ: Well, in the past, you guys had a ton of different things for the stage. I saw snow and pryo...

Paul Gray: We had the huge rock.

JJ: Yeah, but you've stripped it down?

CT: It was, it was cool, you know, but it was, we just, we'd done it, you know and coming back, we were like, you know, we'd just wiped it with so much of what we were doing that it was like we kinda got lost in the visuals, you know, and I mean, we were doing so much that the band just kinda faded in the background, you know, which we've always been the band thats always been right up front, so, coming back, we were just like "You know what? We're gonna just do it the way we've always done it, the way we made our bones, just go out there and just us.

JJ: Stipped down.

CT: Yeah. Instruments, the kids, and what more do you want?

JJ: Anything special planned for Ozzfest? I mean, its in the day, obvisouly, not much you can do as far as the lighting.

PG: Slamming.

CT: Yeah

PG: Lots of slamming.

CT: Just lots of insane music and just watching our kids tear it up basically, you know.

JJ: Cool.

CT: Yeah, it's gonna be good.

PG: That was the only main reason why we could do the second stage, you know, so, you know, cause you know how the Ozzfest is, its like...

CT: Everybodys' up on the lawn

JJ: All they play is seats.

PG and CT: Yeah

PG: You know, we wanted to bring our lawn in front of us.

CT: You've got a guy up front with a Dixie cup going "You guys pretty good, when does Sabbath come on?" you know, which, nothing against that, I mean, its, you know, the seats up front are like really expensive.

JJ: Yeah, well, you wanna play with a pit.

CT: Exactly, I wanna play for our kids, so...

JJ: Alright, well, lets check out a video from Clown's men. How is Clown by the way?

CT: I don't know; nobody talks to him, nobody makes eye contact.

Sid Wilson: He's got amnesia.

CT: He does.

JJ: (laughing) Here they are. It's TO MY SUPRISE with In The Mood, check it out.

JJ: I read in an interview you guys said this is like your Abby Road or Led Zepplin IV. Thats a bold statement.

CT: Yeah, well, it's a bold album, it's huge man.

JJ: So, explain. Why would it be compared to...

PG: For us, you know, we've done a lot of expermentation on this album, you know. We tried everything, you know. We didn't go in there with any kind of, like, plans or you know, we had no idea of what we were going to, you know, accomplish in there. We just went in there totally fresh, open-minded and it came out just amazing.

CT: Kept all the brutality, you know.

PG: Yeah, it's still heavy as hell

CT: Threw some somber tones in there, you know, some melody, some bold statements, you know, it's awesome. I think its the best album we've ever done.

JJ: Yeah

CT: Its really gonna show people that just when you thought you figured us out, you don't know nothing, you don't know nothing. Double negative, you like that?

JJ: I do. (laughs)

CT: Very nice.

JJ: Well, that was a very good explanaion.

CT: Thank you very much.

JJ: I'm glad that we cleared that up. Check it out, lets go see another SlipKnot video. This is Left Behind.

CT: More with Jamey Jasta, but more importantly, more with SlipKnot. Stay tuned.

JJ: We're back here on MTV 2's HeadBangers Ball  with SlipKnot, the one and only.

CT: Well, thank god for that.

JJ: (laughs) You guys were saying before that there was some experimentation on this record but I have heard the record and there are some mellow moments. What was like the inspiration for that? Radio play?

PG, CT, and MT: Yeah right, whatever.

CT: It was just time to show it, you know, I mean.

MT: We're old.

CT and JJ: (laughs)

CT: It was just time to, I mean, it was just time to kinda show that side, you know. I mean, the stuff we had written was good and, you know, I mean to be fair, like Circle, which is one of the songs that is on there, was written three years ago during the IOWA tour, like, on Pledge of Alligiance actually, we'd recorded a lot of it and that actually appears on the album and then, you know, one of the other ones is kind of a second part to a song that is already pre-exsisting. It was really dark.

PG: Just because we have some acoustic guitars on it doesn't mean it's a mellow album.

CT: Yeah.

PG: You know what I mean. I mean, we've always done that, since we started the band, you know, its just, you know, IOWA was, you know, a lot heavier and all that stuff like that, but you know, I mean, we've always experimented and use that kind of stuff in our music an so it's nothing new.

CT: I mean, for every Sabbath, bloody sabbath, there was, you know, a Planet Caravan. So it's like, if you can't expand, if you can't evovle, then get outta here, I don't wanna hear it.

JJ: Now I heard that when you guys shot the video for Duality, the house got destroyed, a bunch of kids got outta hand.

CT: Ahh, dude.

JJ: One of your moms' is on TV in Iowa now talking about it.

CT: Pure ignorance man, oh my god.

PG: Oh, yeah, it was this tiny, little, really crappy house on West Des Moines, real, about the size of this room actually.

CT: Yeah and we shoved about 400 people in it and...

PG: And every time we'd move the rafters or whatever, the beams that were holding up, you know, the floor were buckling.

CT: The ceiling in the basement was literally (makes a creaking sound)

PG: Director's coming in, he's like...

CT: "Stop Jumping!"

PG: "Yo, if you guys could get into to but just don't move." you know, so...

CT: Yeah, it's like "What are we suppose to do, man, the Twist? SHUT UP!"

JJ: So, do you have to pay for the house?

CT: Yeah.

PG: Yeah, yeah, we bought the house pretty much.

JJ: You did?

CT: Well, RoadRunner did.

JJ: Well, thanks RoadRunner.

CT: (laughs)

JJ: Lets check it out so you can see what they're talking about. Check it out, its SlipKnot with Duality.

JJ: Thanks to SlipKnot for being here. Great to see you guys, always. Obviously, I'm gonna be seeing you guys all summver long, but anything after Ozzfest you've guys got planned? (To Mick) Don't you owe like every death-metal band a tour by now?

CT: (laughs)

JJ: Suffaction, Eternal Bleeding...

MT: We're working on it.

CT: After Ozzfest, we're gonna head back to Europe, China, Japan, and Australia and try to get as many spots as possible that we've never played, you know. There's a lot of places we've never played that...

JJ: Montana?

CT: Yeah, Montana is huge. Butte, Montana, a local discotech there is setting up a free show for 150 people.

JJ: Cool.

CT: Yeah, that's pretty nice. Seriously man, we're gonna try to get out to as many people as possible and just show'em what's up.

JJ: Cool.

Thanks to: Xornok

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