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This is one of the hardest masks to make and I have only seen one replica of it, however if you like hard tasks then below is a good method. Take a white latex mask and cut it down so that it only covers your face, making sure that when you are wearing the mask your forehead shows. Following this, take the mask and cut it in half and sow it back together, for effect (see left). Now add a mouth zipper and rivet followed by a nose, which is in the shape of a carrot and six inches long to the front (sown on). Now for the back part of the mask, fit a black garment (leather, nylon or latex being best) around your head and neck and cut out a face, so that the whole face is visible (do not alter the neck or back of head area). Now attach the front mask part to the back black part so that no skin is visible and your whole face is covered up. After doing this bind them together with leather straps, from the top of the mask to the bottom of the ear, the two straps should meet at the top where the overhead supporting ring is (if you haven't got one of these simply use a key ring or something similar).


To make the straps (Thnx to Spark Timmy):You need to buy 12 rivets there are rivets near the belt buckle and near the O ring you need to buy the things that are rivets but are hole rivets so on the diagonal belt loops not the ones with the belt buckle on it the one it's supposed to hook on to you put the rivets hole things on those 2 and 6 on each of them now on the horizontal belt not the one with the belt buckle the one it's supposed to hook on too put 8 rivet hole things in the you have it Chris's masks straps!!! (This could also be used for other members).

A made mask found on Ebay.Cost: $19.65

Recently however the so called "Pinnochio" mask has been introduced to bondage shops, etc... so alternately you could pop down to your local and order yourself one, providing that your over 18. The top half of the mask can actually be bought here: Halloween Plus
Buy the zipper here: Zipper plus

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Download the 'Dead Memories' video

Download the 'Psychosocial' video



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