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Old Mask:
Stuff you will need.
Long round shoe lace's, 8 of them. Roll of twine, costing around $2.00 Hair tie's, about $1.50 2 large masking tape roll's, about $5.40 each. 1 stocking it's, $2.00 per pack approx. Needle and thread (black being best) $1.50 Spray paint, white, black and grey, $3 - $4 each. Coloured die, colours green or blue, around $5.00 Coloured marker. Something pointy and sharp, i.e. a pin. 1 bowl 1 pair of scissors. Cost to make this mask, $20.40.


Instructions - to create Corey's mask two people are needed.
Place stocking over head, while a friend marks using the marker pen where the eyes and mouth will be. Remove stocking and cut small holes for eyes and mouth (they will be improved later) Place the stocking back on. Get your friend to tape up your head, using the roll of masking tape and working from top to bottom all the way to the under chin area. Do not shape the facial features, with the exception of the chin and partially the nose where only the bridge section is to be shaped (see above picture). WARNING: Do not tape over the mouth area, go around. Do not tape the mask too tight as this may result in the mask being hard to take off. While performing this, continually check that the person being taped up is ok and breathe normally, if not, immediately remove the mask. Now cut a line up the back of the mask, slowly to prevent yourself from being stabbed. Cut to the middle of the mask and before it is taken off, mark where the eyes are using the marker pen. Remove the mask, cutting it a little more if it is hard to remove. To improve the eyes and mouth, draw an oval shape around the two eye sections and a larger shape around the mouth (see above pic for more specific details). Now cut out these holes and also a small area below the nose, to allow breathing (see pic). Spray painting: Look at the colour of the mask and try to imitate it using the following instructions; A white coat followed by a patchy grey coat and then an even more patchy black coat. (See pictures for exact colour, look at several to be exact) Allow to dry. Dreads: Get the shoe laces and cut each of them in half. Take the twine and cut a large amount of it, a lot is needed. Get a lace and a piece of twine and knot them at the top, now wrap the twine around the shoe lace until you reach the bottom of the lace, now take a hair tie and tie up the end (see pictures for details). Do this for each of the shoe laces. Now add the dreads to one of the selected colour dies, adding water to the die so that all the dreads can fit into the bowl (a tin bowl being best). Now let them soak over night. N.B. You do not have to die the dreads. The following day remove the dreads and hang to dry for 12 hours. Take out the mask and mark on, using the marker, where each of the various dreads should be placed. Take your pointy sharp object and prick holes in all the places where a mark has been put. They may need to be enlarged later. Take the dry dreads and place them through the holes made, knot first. Do this with all the dreads, hey presto, mask finished.

8 - Corey (b)
(emailed by Maggot #21 / Killbilly) The material is the inside of a pair of (old) jeans (low budget!) First, cut out a piece of jeans. Then, make a circle around your head with the fabric, covering your face until' your eyes, a little above it. Then, sow another piece of jeans on the top of your previous one. Then, wile wearing your pre-mask, place the piece of fabric over your head to make the top and pin a needle there to remember where you wanna attach it. Sew it together. Now, make sure everything is together so you don't see any skin. Then, put it on and everywhere where there's to much fabric, cut it of and sow the remains together. Now, mark the eyes and mouth. Cut them out. Now, make a cut in the corners of our eyes (I mean the mask!) Then sew that back together. Then attach the zipper for your mouth (do this so that it seems that it is to high; it will come out perfect. Now, use thick rope and less thick rope for your dreads, just cut little holes where you want 'em and sew through the rope and mask to attach them. Then, make the stripes with a ball-point or a textile marker. Then lay the mask on the floor on top of a piece of newspaper, with the dreads in one direction. Take some coloured hair spray and paint them (you can tape some pieces of dreads to highlight them) Now it's finished! Oh yeah, in the beginning, don't make sewings in one direction but twist them a little to get a cool effect! Now, there's just one thing to do: Put on a jumpsuit or any other merchandise of Slipknot and spread the [sic]ness!!!

8 - Corey (c)
To make Corey's mask is to buy this mask go to it is exactly what he use's so when you get is cut the mouth out to exactly to what he uses it's one of his new ones put the mask on your face and mark around it because if you do when it's off you will end up with a messed up mouth so I get someone else that can draw some what good so he can look at his picture and draw around your mouth not too big so when you do that the next thing is to cut the top off so remember caution so get someone to do it the mask has to be on your head so cut and sow it back up so there isn't of the point out now cut the nose whole then the ear hole do not I repeat DO NOT cut the holes when it his on your face take a pin and mark the hole remember the nose hole is a triangle not round so remember to do that when you mark them take the mask off then cut it after that buy some grey spray paint or if you have some use that it's a some what light darkish grey so spray pa! int it and leave it sit over night so be patient and after that you want to stitch up on the right eye down to the mouth look at the picture when you got that you want to get 8 shoelaces and get some twine and wrap them up take a hot glue gun to glue the twine together to the shoe lace so they won't come undone when you get them wrapped up spray them brown no to brown half way starting from the top and let it get some green and tie them off with green rubber bands which I get at odd lots for $.99 for a bunch and now it's time to put the dreads on look at them new picture and look where to draw the holes at so that you can glue them down I recommend a hot glue gun so when you got that your done all done all you got too do is get some black face paint put on so that you look exactly like Corey Faith Taylor and go get some buds look like the band and you'll be the biggest maggots in the world!!!

8 - Corey (d)
step 1 : Take a mannequin head and, adjusting it with paper towels and duct tape so that it is the same size as your head, step 2 : Cover it in plastic wrap to prevent the paper maché from sticking. Next mix some paper maché (the recipe is), thin cut news paper strips about 2 ins. long and 1 inch wide. step 3 : When putting on the newspaper strips make sure to cover the mask with a few layers of newspaper and let it dry over night near a heater duct or some place warm (if the mask isn't dry take a hair dryer to it). step 4 : After the first paper machéing has been done get some 4 or 5 yards of cheese cloth (can be found at fabric store) or a lot of gauze, once you have purchased one of the items make more paper maché gunk and cut the cheese cloth or gauze in to 2 inch wide strips and paper mache them to the mask. Then let that dry. step 5 : After the cheese cloth or gauze has set it's time to cut the mask off. Get a large razor knife and cut a line up the back of the mask and wedge the blade in between the bottom of the mask and the mannequin head to pry them a part also cut the eye holes, mouth and dread lock holes at this time. 13 dread lox should be sufficient. step 6 : Paint your mask. Look at a pic of corey and try to make it look like what you see. step 7 : To make the dread lox get 3/4 in. Pieces of rope which are around 2 ft. tie a knot in the end that will go on the inside and wrap it in twine, rubber band it at the end. You make holes in the mask where you want to put the dreads and feed them through the dread lox in or tie knots at the end. Also you may want to line the inside of the mask w/ duct tape step 8 : You may want to cut the mask in places and sew the cut up with some string. Also the mask may be stiff and uncomfortable, so get a stick or a pipe or something to hit it with. This will break in the mask. Also you may want to set it on fire a few times (just because that's what you do when your bored).

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