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Old Mask:
For this mask you will need a cheap drag racing helmet and several nine inch nails and a pair of large swimming goggles if the eye piece isn't already there. Now take the nails and point them outwards (as seen in pic), spacing them about 1½ inches apart. Use rusty nails for a greater effect.

If the helmet is not already equipped with goggles, then carefully apply the diving goggles to the front. DON'T put a camera flash on the top of the mask because this was recently removed from his mask. So to was the tube running down from the helmet.

Method 2: To make craig's mask you need to pick up and buy a black drag racing helmet with no shield.then you need to get this gas mask then strap that on the front. After that buy about 20 nine-inch nails and hammer them in from the inside of the helmet out. Put the nails about 2 inches apart or 1 1/2 inches apart,whatever you want. And also make the nails look rusty to make it look more like craigs mask.

New Mask:
First, go to and pick up a black sleevless anchored hood. Make sure it comes with eye holes. Next, cut off the anchor part - the part that goes around your chest and shoulders. Following this you should add a zipper where your mouth is. To do the nose holes, take two metal eyelets and push them through the neoprene for your nose. Next, get some 9-10 inch nails. You'll need about 20- but get extra in case. Then, on a piece of paper, draw out plans on how to stick the nails through the hood- it needs to be organized. Usually there's one row down the center that is spaced 2 inches apart. My advice is to see craigs picture for a better idea. Then, once the nails are all in place, carefully place heavy duct tape on the inside of the hood, so the nails won't fall out. The nails must have fairly large heads, or they will slip through. Alternatively, you could sew a large section of black cloth to the inside of the mask - but it is difficult. If all goes well, you should have a decent craig mask.

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