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Corey Taylor - Vocals

Nicknamed "The Sickness" December 8, 1973

Corey is the master of the horrid vocals and lyrics in Slipknot. Before he joined the band, he worked in a porn shop to earn money (it was called "Adult Emporium"). On stage he is loud, fast, and out of control. Offstage, he seems very calm and down to Earth. Before Slipknot he was part of the band Stone Sour. Corey loves Comedy albums, which he grew up on.

RUMOURS: He has been known to dress as a priest onstage. Corey is apparently a fan of "Mike Patton" who has been in Faith No more, Fantamos and Mr Bungle. According to Shawn Corey has an 18 inch neck. Corey prefers the nickname "FAITH".

A must listen: Real Audio Corey Interview  (36 mins)

Quote - "We aren't hiding behind these masks, we're actually revealing more to you than you might think. The mask I wear brings out all the shit inside me that I hate. Plus it hurts like hell, which helps my intensity." "If you feel like talking, you talk, if you don't, you don't" “So many people are like, 'Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick!', Fuck you! You don't know what we're about! Our motto has always been, 'Music First.' Even if the masks and the coveralls weren't there, the music would still be good."

Mask - Used to be a leather face cover, with brown/blonde dreads. Yes, some of the dreads were made of his real hair. He used to wear them through the mask, but he cut them off because it was a pain to pull them through. Also, he was always changing his hairstyle. Now, his mask is made out of moulded latex instead of leather. Most of the dreads now seem to be fake. MEANING: "Twenty-seven, What does that mean? You'll figure it out" "Complete pain, it represents everything I fucking rally against, there is so much hate, blood, spit and puke in that fucking mask just from playing, I put it on every night and I remember why I am playing. I go from me now to the person I was when I wrote the songs."

Corey and his several types of "singing/shouting":
1) When he's actually singing (wait and bleed, mid point of no life)
2) Crazy screaming (beginning of sic and Eyeless), (surfacing fuck it all part)
3) Slow talking (I can't see, I can't be.., purity)
4) Fast talking (spit it out, no life)
5) Melodic (prosthetics, scissors)
6) Raspy scream (tattered and torn)
7) Normal scream. Like in only one, diluted, etc.

Young: At a young age Corey liked to get down to the likes of "The King" - Elvis, thanks to influences from his grandmother. "Elvis was a great singer". His grandmother also helped him with buying equipment and his talent for music.

A ghost? During Corey's youth he and some friends often talked about a burnt out old house that they dared not go near. Then one night they all decided to make their way towards the house; to their surprise it was all lit up and after hearing noises they ran screaming.

INSTRUMENT: Shure SM58 mics.

Old band = Stone Sour ... some songs by them:

Dead Man's Glare
Funky Milk
Turn Your Head
I Can't Believe
Voices Again
By Your Side
Mother's Ghost(heavy)
Beside Myself
Spilling My Guts
Take It Like A Man
That's Ridiculous
Simple Woman
Tarpoo Bertha
Super Skin
Take A Number
Faux Pax
Things Like Raisins
Mother's Ghost(piano)
Smack Scars
Blue Study
Shaman's Fetish
Your God
When I Come Down
Inside The Cynic
Suffer The Children
Stone Sour

Track listing for the demo tape:
1. N/A
2. Tumult
3. Super Skin
4. Monolith
5. Devil's For Puke
6. Covetous Me

Corey was also in Bloodfest and Dead Second. After Corey leaving Stone Sour for Slipknot the band ultimately finished. Jim Root also played in this band. Corey + Joel wrote most of the Stone Sour songs. They were like "Faith No More/AIC/Tool with a lot of other little elements thrown in."


Corey Taylor - vocals
Jim Root - Guitar

Shawn E - Bass
Bruce Swink - Guitar
Joel Ekman - Drums

Corey and Jim are in Slipknot; Jim, Shawn, and Bruce were in Deadfront; Joel is retired. Shawn E is also the Slipknot's stage manager when they tour. While in Stone Sour, Corey had an acoustic side project named, Taylor-Nichols. They put out a tape in Waterloo, Iowa and this is very rare. The tape contained 'Acoustic Ballads'.

REJECTS (Found @ Slipknot MSG Board): Rejects Site Corey was also in the band "The Rejects" for a total of one show @ Safari on Aug 22 1998 in which he got fired, Paul also played bass for this group and left soon after.  There is a video of this show going around (and if anyone has it please forward it to me, I would be very grateful) and within it Corey can be seen getting fired by Dizzy Reject. Within the crowd was Shawn and a member of Smakdab, a group Corey has also recently recorded with, they get up on stage along with several others during the last song.

Sound: Cross the Ramones, Addicts, Sex Pistols, Damned and New York Dolls with 80's trash/glam metal and throw in an ample dose of GG Allin and you've got a good start. The line-up has always kind of been in flux, other than Dizzy and Joey, people kind of come and go. Hell, their old bass player went to prison! Paul subbed on bass for awhile. Now it's kind of a "supergroup" like Brujuria(sic) with members of other bands filling in The best part is this: DIZZY WAS BORN TO BE A ROCK STAR. Period. He just does not give a fuck. That man has more imaginative quotes than Gene Simmons could ever hope for. Dizzy will save rock'n'roll.

STICKYFINGAZ (Found @ MTV): The rapper sticky fingaz went to Indigo ranch with Ross and Corey to record a few songs was "End of the world" and there was another one... anyhow sticky fingaz album is out, and no corey to be found... these songs did not make it to the album but may be released later, there is also a rumour that there was an argument about Corey not writing his own lyrics. (Thnx Sparkwon).

Smakdab: This band is a local Iowan band from Mason City. Corey performed one track with them to repay a favour. The track was named "Shadowed" and can be heard here: Real Audio Smakdab Song Feat Corey Taylor .

Smakdab was:
Alexis Bassett - vocals
Mick Meyers - guitar
Ryan Emerson - drums
Eric Eisenman - bass

However the members have started on a new project named; "Secretly Drowning". To view more info on this project go here: Secretly - the previous Smakdab site (Smakdab online) has been closed.

Other Side projects In Iowa: Corey Sang on the Sister Soliel album and he has been recording on 4-tracks with Josh Rand (Project X/Superego).

Corey has recently appeared on the Spider-Man soundtrack with the track, 'Bother'. It shows his true singing ability and has silenced many critics.

He was quoted as saying to Rock Sound Magazine from the UK: “I've been trying to get on this soundtrack for a year! Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest Spiderman freak of all time! I started putting the word out and said I'd do a song with someone else just to be on that soundtrack, that's how much it meant to me! I've been waiting since 1993 for this movie to come out and I had this song called 'Bother', which is me and an acoustic guitar."

“Last year I was like, 'Fuck it, I'll record it'. If nothing else it'd be just for me to have on record. So I recorded this song, sent it to my manager, he heard it and was like, 'Holy shit' and he took it to the girl who was putting the soundtrack together. She flipped, and so automatically I'm flying to LA to record this song and it was weird! It was the first time I've ever been in the studio doing anything by myself and on a professional level. It came out really good. This is a song I wrote seven years ago so I'm pretty happy with it!"

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Download the 'Psychosocial' video



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