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James Root - Guitar

Nicknamed "The Peach" (apparently comes from a movie "James and the giant peach") October 2, 1971

James is the newest member of the band. He joined Slipknot during the recording of the CD. He is very fast and technical with the guitar.... practice pays. Despite looks James is the tallest of the band @ 6'6, whereas Mick, who looks taller is a mere 6'2. He is more oftenly called Jim and his hair colour is brown. He was previously in the bands Dead Front, Atomic Opera and Stone Sour. James was a waiter/busboy and said that he "hated that greasy hell"

Quote - "The guys chose this mask to tame me. Joining this band takes a little getting used to. I was a timid guy before I joined them. Now I'm a freak! Am I as borderline psychotic as the rest? Ask me in a month!" (talking about bondage mask, see below).

Mask - He wears a court jester/demon mask. MEANING: "It's pretty much everything I am, but it's the stuff I'm afraid to let out sometimes. It's a jester's mask and I kinda have that prankster's side to me, so I spose it's my own little way of venting that silliness in the grossest kind of way. This is my old mask because it doesn't feel like the right time for the new one yet - it needs some work doing on it." - Jim originally inherited Josh (ex-guitarist), old mask, a bondage one containing a purple tassel on the top of it. He wore this until the new Jester mask was created, it is the mask that can be seen on the front of the self titled album cover.

Jackson SLP
Jackson DR-3 Dinky Reverse
Jackson SL2 Soloist

Amps: Mesa Boogie DC10 Head
Carvin 4X12 Speaker Cabs (top and bottom)

Dunlop RotoVibe
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Voodoo Lab GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
Voodoo Lab Ground Control for GCX

Accessories: EMG 81 Dual Humbucker Pickups

Old bands: James used to be in Stone Sour as the guitarist, Corey was the lead singer for this band as well, it's unsure how long he was in the band for though. For info on Stone Sour see the Corey profile: 8 - Corey . He was also within the band, "Atomic Opera" prior to Stone Sour along with Bruce Swink, who also made the switch with Jim from AO to SS. During the times when Jim was in Atomic Opera; Joey looked upto him, "Jim was the King".

Jim was also in a band called "Deadfront", here are some of the songs that the band made:

Deadfront - Nemesis
1. nemesis
2. retard
3. torn inside
4. kweece
5. radio flyer
6. c.
7. assisted suicide
8. organcis
9. erase me ft alexis from smakdab

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Download the 'Dead Memories' video

Download the 'Psychosocial' video



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