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Shawn Crahan - Percussion

Nicknamed "Kong" - Shawn's mom told him he looked like a silver-backed gorilla when she watched them practising one day, so they started calling him Kong. Anders: "She watched a videotape of one of our practices in my basement and had this to say: "Anders looks like a Timber wolf, ready to attack. Shawn, you look like a Silver-back Gorilla. The whole band looks like what I envision to be the band that entices a caveman hunting party into a frenzy before going out to bring down a Mammoth."" Born September 24, 1969

Shawn adds an interesting sound to Slipknot. His drum set is made of titanium. He made it himself, because he has a background in welding, and he's good at it. Shawn starts a good amount of fights on stage, when he's not playing, and has a sort of rivalry with Sid. Shawn is also one of the co-founders of Slipknot with Paul (2) and Anders. He is the second percussionist and has a wife, Chantal, and 3 kids. ("I'm a perfect father and a fucking psychopath, ok? No contradiction") Shawn does most of the interviews and ran, Shawn has a habit of ramming his head into walls and has injured himself many times in performances ( He has fractured knuckles, split a collarbone, suffered slipped vertebrae, bruised his pelvic bone, dislocated a shoulder, gotten a concussion, partially severed a finger, and smashed his head often enough to require 22 stitches ) He also goes onto AIM to chat with fans and he is by far the craziest member of Slipknot. Shawn has recently changed his mask and it is also named "Dude". Shawn is the oldest of Slipknot. In the old days Slipknot did not wear the jumpsuits they wore other costumes, @ one of these shows Shawn decided to wear a huge purple "Barney" suit.

Shawn was an executive producer for the MuDvAyNe CD LD.. 50. Clown has also made a brief appearance in the American Head Charge video, 'Just So You Know'. He has also remixed one of their tracks for the 'Just So You Know' single release.

1. Just So You Know (Short Attention Span Mix)
2. Just So You Know (Clown #6 Remix)
3. Real Life
4. Just So You Know (Video)

"Crahan is the band's engine, the core of the madness. There are slogans: "I don't want to push the envelope, I AM the envelope" There is darkness: "I want to do a documentary on the slaughter and sectioning of livestock carcasses." But most of all there is the splendid hatred of society's rules. "Be a boy! Ride a bike like this! Breathe this air! No dude, I've had enough! Fuck that! I'm checkin' out!" Crahan says he had a happy youth. His parents financed Slipknot in the early days and he professes nothing but the utmost respect for them. In the early '90s he had a drink problem, exacerbated when he bought a Des Moines bar. Frustrated by the lack of success, he says he would have killed himself if he hadn't met his wife Chantal. "My saviour, my hero," he says. "She saved my life." - Q Music - Find the complete article under the articles section of the site.

CROW: Shawn found a dead crow in his driveway, and kept it in a big, commercial pickle jar, and carried it around at shows until it turned to mush. During shows Shawn would open the jar, this would cause him to vomit all over the place and also cause fans to start vomiting all over the place. It was (sic), it was kept in the jar with all the bacteria and flesh eating creatures. It started secreting this brown liquid and became a fine sauce. Some kids broke the jar open and played catch with it for a while and now it's disposed. At one radio interview Shawn took it along and freaked out the radio person who was also afraid of clowns.

BEAVER TAIL "Rumour": A cop gave Shawn a dead beavers tail because the cop didn't know how to get rid of it. Shawn didn't know what to do with it so on stage he and corey squeezed all the juices out of it into their faces and then they ate it. Afterwards they were throwing up like crazy and asking each other why the fuck they did that.

Runway: Shawn was a regular attendee to the "Runway" club for which he paid $7 to enter each time. It was where the people who liked proper music gathered. However within this club Shawn was still disgraced at the number of competing cover bands that would out shine other; more original bands. Crahan did however manage to allow "all aged" shows to take place within the club on Sundays. For a while Shawn's discontent was settled with such bands as Modifidious and Body Pit, however these bands all broke up within a very short space of each other and the metal Scene had once again disappeared. Shawn now had to put up with cover bands once again. At this point Shawn knew he had to do something different and one day the concept of Slipknot came to him.

Safari Club : Shawn owned the "The Safari Club" within Des Moines for a short time (he bought it in January 1997), one of the only places to see new rock and punk acts. As Slipknot got huge though, it became too much to manage and had to be shut down, it later re-opened as Hairy Mary's (information about club in history section of site).

Shawn doesn't like surprises. But he does like Wolfpac: Website

Quote - "I've wanted to be a clown because there's something nice about me, and something pretty twisted as well. If someone stares at me on my way to the stage, I don't get up until they look away first."
I am on a world-domination mission. Slipknot isn't just an average band. It's not just music. It's a way of life and it's the real way of life. When I go on-stage, the rock'n'roll cliché can go die. There's no place for that anymore. My whole deal is, when we've reached everyone and everyone understands, I'm gone. I'm out. I've done it." - Shawn Crahan (Clown masked Percussionist and founding father (#6).

Mask - Shawn had a clown's mask that he found around 15 years ago. MEANING: "I'm going to fucking kill every motherfucker here! What was the question? The mask? IT represents my death."

INSTRUMENT: Shawn uses custom titanium drums that he made himself. The whole set is mounted upon hydraulic lifts.
2 Mount Toms
1 Floor Tom
1 Bass Drum (set up like the floor tom so you can hit it)
1 Anheuser-Busch Beer Keg

Mount Tom Batter: Remo Clear Pinstripes
Floor Tom and Bass Drum: Remo Coated Ambassador or Emperor

The drums used are from a company called " Dunnett "

Sticks: Zildijan Absolute Rock sticks

Not in many bands, mainly occupied with welding and family life.
Heads on the wall
:93 - 95 Shawn - Drums Quan - Guitar: This band played four shows with Joey's band, Modifidious.
: 1995 - CURRENT

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