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The Story
BlackGoat saw the first beam of ligt at the 9th of April in 2002. Before that I had a website called "Maggot Alliance" it was shit, the graphics were made in Paint and Paint Shop Pro 7 after that I changed the layout and I changed the name to "The Shape" the layout was way better and the site had alot more content. Then after a couple of months I came up with the name "BlackGoat" and I thougth that name needed a new layout so I made the first official BlackGoat layout it was pretty good, but the site didn't had that much content and the layout turned out to be pretty buggy.

I wasn't motivated anymore so I just let the site rot for about 6 months or so... But then I came up with (in my opinion) the most briljant layout ever and I got really motivated again so I added alot of content and my site started to get really popular! That kept me motivated so I updated almost everyday. The only thing that I hated was my host (lycos) the ads would show up all over the site and it was really slow sometimes. I was in need of a new webhost and I wanted a domain name as well. I bought a hosting plan at BASM (, shittiest host, ever.) and was a fact...

That was around september 2002. I was still motivated and I kept updating the site, my hits went in the air like rockets and 1000 UNIQUE visitors a day became an average. My motivation started to fade away because there was nothing to reach for me anymore. The site was basically dead (talking in matters of updates) then a couple weeks later I came up with another (in my opinion) brilliant layout! The new layout is the layout your seeing right now... I hope you like it and enjoy you stay!

View a piece of History*/
And even further back:*/

Interesting Facts About
+ BlackGoat was the first slipknot site with a adress
+ BlackGoat was the first slipknot site which used PHP
+ BlackGoat was the first slipknot site with a shoutbox
+ I made a layout for
+ I made several buttons for other slipknot sites
+ is currently hosted at LunarPages

The programs I use to "make"
- Photoshop CS2 (Layout)
- Dreamweaver 8 (Layout Coding)
- PHPEdit (PHP Coding)
- WS_FTP Professional 2007 (Uploading Content)
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Download the 'Dead Memories' video

Download the 'Psychosocial' video



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