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At The Start Of People=Shit There Is An Intro Track Called (515); And This Is The Meaning For It:
Someone is requesting the punishment of bereavement due to what he has done in the past. The reality of life is too much to handle, and the horrific transgression he has committed is in return with costly consequences, which no one is capable to endure. Side fact - 515 is the area code for central Iowa

As For People=Shit:
When asked why "People=Shit" Crahan says "We are what we are, we just waste and we ruin and we corrupt, and we destroy," so People=Shit basically because we are our own worst enemy, we are going to be the end of the earth and no one seems to give a shit. The message trying to get across is that of the human race is depleating itself of the simple pleasures in life and that everyone is now fake. Fake meaning people, society, everyone, is now pretending to be someone else. Not caring about others, and just themselves. In this act, they are a disease put on earth and we must show them the reality of life. They kill themselves, and or others, because they do not know what is going on in the real world because they are so wrapped up in the world politics and media, they hide reality from people because it will scare them. People need to know. People are the #1 cause of destruction on this earth and this needs to change, but the sad fact is, we can't. That is what they are trying to get across.

Disasterpiece - Back To Top
The interpretation for this song is that Corey is reminiscing about a former bully that used to pick on him. He has finally snapped from the aggression due to the bully and now wants to kill him. He is also feeling down, because of the fact that he's been on the receiving end of the bullying and he's fed up with all the shit he's forced to deal with. The person who used to pick on him did not believe in him at all, and now Corey is laughing in his face to prove that he was wrong in the end.

My Plague - Back To Top
Corey is pissed and fed up from posers. The quote "Kill you fuck you I will never be you" is directed to followers. People who are not being themselves, and trying to fit in by acting like someone else. The quote “I know why you plague me” basically means that he knows why people are fucking with him and he is sick of it and of all the posers in this world; people doing things for popularity and so on. The quote “I'll reach in and take a bite out of that shit you call a heart,” is just warning everyone not to push him any further or else he will snap and kill him. The quote “I know why u plague (yourself)” is informing the person that he knows why he is messing around with him, and that he has had enough and he cannot be pushed around any longer.

Everything Ends - Back To Top
The song is about a relationship with a woman that has gone sour. The incident was very extreme and Corey is talking about slitting his wrists because of it, and not caring. He is saying that he doesn't care for anyone or anything anymore. He is too unsure of himself and the state he is in to care about anything. The woman he was with thought she was too good for Corey, and began to cheat on him (the quote "And found my whole life was a lie, motherfucker"), and now Corey is extremely mad about this breakup and is snapping and moving into the state of suicide.

The Heretic Anthem - Back To Top
The Heretic Anthem is about Corey standing his ground of becoming the exact opposite of what people want him to be, to prove a point. The point of not selling out, not following people, not taking orders from people. With lyrics describing man as 555, Satan as 666, and God as 777, the theme of hate once again prevails. It is also a large 'Fuck You' to the music industry and bands that have sold out. It also states that now, Corey is teaching the young of our race (teenagers) which refers to showing them the truth of life. That it's not all pink and happy, that it can be a brutal and scary place at times.

Here's some detailed info about the heritic anthem, Corey said this in Paris on May 29/2001 before Iowa was released.

"A couple of months ago, some evil people, some money hungry, cocksucking, idiot motherfuckers came to us and said: "You know, if you want your next album to be huge, you gotta write a radio friendly fucking song"...Now being that we are Slipknot, we are 9 crazy people from the middle of nowhere, 9 people but do not give one rat fuck about what the fucking music industry fucking thinks, we stood there politely, we processed the information and we said: " Well, thank you Mr. Businessman, but if you'll excuse me...SUCK MY MOTHERFUCKIN' DICK!!!! And this next song is a result of that fuckin' conversation, if you're 555 I'm 666, THIS SONG IS CALLED HERETIC SONG!!!!"
Thnx to Carolina Rayo

Gently - Back To Top
Gently is a song that first appeared with Anders on Slipknot's debut outing, MFKR. This was Anders' interpretation of the song, using his lyrics, "Gently is about stepping into the "Umbra" or "Spirit World". It's accomplished with the help of any reflective surface."

Left Behind - Back To Top
In Left Behind, there is alot of metaphors of Corey attempting to explain what is happening to him. The basis of the song is that a dear friend of Corey was never actually there. The person was always trying to be someone else, and never said what they wanted to, did what they wanted to, etc. Because of this, Corey cannot deal with it and is ending their relationship. He is extremely depressed and is not too stable of himself and is giving the statement that if the person tries to get close to him again, that he will take drastic actions.

The Shape - Back To Top
In The Shape, Corey is experiencing a huge problem. He is too confused to actually come out and say it, because hes not sure how to deal with it. He uses alot of metaphors trying to get out his feelings, but its so hard that he can only mannage to "beat around the bush" for say.

I Am Hated - Back To Top
In this song, Corey's basis is that he hates the people who jump from band to band, followers, teenyboppers, and they hate him. It's a tic for tac situation. He states that he will never become like them and try to become someone they are not, and that he is proud to be himself. Even if that means being fat, ugly, and not popular. He is proud even with all those things holding him back, and isn't going to let it hold him down and will fight it and become more popular as time goes on. He states that boybands and such are just 'dragged and raped for the love of a mob' which means that they will become the fans play-thing as long as they keep buying their records. They only care about the money and not about the image they give out to their young fans about society and self esteem. They let themselves get pushed around, but no, Slipknot is showing them the exact opposite. They are showing themselves to stand their ground, to prove a point, to get a message across, to reach in to grab the souls of the festering society of todays world, and show them the true reality of their world.

Skin Ticket - Back To Top
In the song Skin Ticket, Corey feels as though a lot of people in our generation are greedy spoiled bastards with no care for anything but themselves. People have the desire for themselves, and nothing else. They have all these wants, such as possessions, and even more phsycological things. They really do not care how they end up getting it. They just want it. They want for these things, wether it be material or emotional, is incredible. They want and want and never give anything back. These people do not deserve what there wanting though they keep running towards it, thus pushing it back even further.

New Abortion - Back To Top
The interpretation for New Abortion is as follows:

With the quote "I'm ethereal, my children are legion, serial They stick to my skin like beloved cysts" Corey is getting across that all of us maggots stick together, we are one, and Corey feels like we are all his children, and he is the guiding light to show us the way.

With the quote "Everywhere you look, it's like they know, their fingerprints are hidden by CONTROL" He is stating that these parents/authority figures, think they know every little thing about everything. The reality is they have no clue what the younger generatoin is capable of, and they fail to realize this, with all these rules and restrictions.

With the Quote "You Cant Take My Soul Away From Me" Corey is saying you do not control me, and you never will. Meaning I am for me. Not for you, get the fu(ck) out of here, I am not your puppet.

With the quote "What do you need to see? Ya feel the impact?" He is saying do you need to be shown what we are capable of? Your not going to take our word for it because your stubborn and think your right.

The basic overlay of New Abortion is we maggots need to stick together to survive. We will not stand to be pushed around any longer. We will not be looked down upon anymore because there is so much more depth, so much more then what these a$$holess see. They look, they judge, and that's the end of it. They don't bother to wander beneath the surface of things. They think they're right and really they're so wrong it's pitifull they do not realize we maggots are done with the be-littling. Time to take control.

Metabolic - Back To Top
In Metabolic, Corey is trying to get across that he isn't perfect. This song is a little phsycotic because with the quote - "The hardest part was knowing that I could never be you" he is saying he knew he wanted to be like his father but he was to imperfect to fill his shoes.

The quote "My demise - I took a life worth living and made it worth a mockery" is powerful because he took his life, which was in the begining worth living, and he screwed up so much, he turned it into shit.

The quote "I wanna dress in your insecurities and be the perfect you" means, I wanna wear your flaws, and be the ultimate You. The perfect man. But it won't happen because I am to imperfect.

The quote "Here we go - the ultimate irony " is that he wanted to be his father but now he is no-where, and he is known by so many, he is important, and his father still hasn't changed. You're in the same place you've always been. The irony factor is if he chose to be exactly like him, he'd be know where I would be too. So, his shitty life, and the shit I was forced to go through, has turned out to be worth it in the end.

Iowa - Back To Top
This 15 minute mammoth is a reworking of the original, Killers are Quiet that can be found on MFKR. The meaning is basically the same as the one from MFKR. The song is about someone who kills women and recreates them in his own image, like a living doll type thing. Corey was butt-naked and all cut up and bleeding during the recording of this song.

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