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(SiC) of course has an intro track, 742617000027, which to most was actually the introduction to Slipknot when they first bought or listened to the self titled album. The number 742617000027 was the barcode number on the Mate Feed Kill Repeat album, also in 742617000027 the phrase "The whole thing i think is sick" gets repeated over and over again, most people would assume that it is a sample of Corey saying that over and over again, but its not... the sound clip is taken from a Charles Manson documentary.
As for the song itself, (SiC) stands for "Said In Context" and the abreviation is a literary term used by professional authors after they say something grammatically incorrect but want it included anyway. The song evolved from "Slipknot" on the Mate Feed Kill Repeat album.

Eyeless -Back To Top
There are a few interpretations of the song Eyeless. When Slipknot came to New York for the first time, which was when they signed on the dotted line with Roadrunner, they ran into a schizophrenic man who was running around yelling the phrase "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes!" That was the main inspiration for the song.
Eyeless is also about Corey's father, as seen in the phrase "I am my father's son, cause he's a phantom, a mystery, and that leaves me NOTHING!"

Wait And Bleed -Back To Top
Wait and Bleed is about a man who is dreaming that he is lying in a bathtub bleeding to death from his wrists. As the song progresses, the man realizes that he, in fact, isn't dreaming, and he just "waits and bleeds".

Surfacing -Back To Top
The whole basis behind the meaning of Surfacing is that they're trying to say that you really shouldn't give a fuck, or be judged by others. That you shouldn't have to answer to "anything or anyone." As part of their show, Slipknot dedicates the song to corrupt rock stars. The song is known as the "new national anthem." The lyrics "Fuck it all, fuck this world, fuck everything that you stand for, don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me!" are the words of a generation.

Spit it Out -Back To Top
Spit it out is obviously an angry song, written in retaliation to a Des Moines, Iowa radio station who liked to bash Slipknot and not play their material. Two years later, Spit It Out wass in that station's regular rotation.... go figure... Another side note to add about Spit it Out, it was the original single off the self titled album, it's video was based on "The Shining" and was then immediately banned from MTV due to it's violent undertones.

Tattered And Torn -Back To Top
Tattered and Torn is best understood as a song about a person hurting his or her self, and hiding from "the things that make me hurt".

Purity -Back To Top
This track also has an intro, it is "Frail Limb Nursary" and is highly misunderstood. It is a compilation of samples taken from the Crime Scene site that first inspired Corey to change the demo "Despise" into "Purity" It's basically a clip of Purity telling a story to the young boy who took care of her while she was buried. He would bring her food in exchange for her telling him extravagant stories.
The song Purity was written when Corey came across a website located at It told the story of Adrianne Purity Knight, a 20 year old college student who was stalked by an obsessed ex-lover. Eventually, this man ended up burying young Purity in a homemade wooden box alive. She died. Shawn: It's like this- whether it's real or not, it affected Corey very much, the thought of it- so it was able to influence him- the song is not directly one hundred percent about it.

Corey: "I still think its real -see the thing whether it's true or not, it's a real story- that we read about -that fucked our whole world up -can you imagine a girl being buried in a box and having all this lecherous bullshit drip down on her from this guy? and thinking that there is hope, because this kid is taking some bizarre note to this guy he doesn't even know- thinking that you are holding on to the shirt of hope -and you wake up and you're dead you're buried in mud -they find the note about a week later shoved in a library book for gods sakes -it just hurts your head- it's a case of what is good and bad in people- the box alone is reason enough to be like, 'I cant stand to be fucking human'- how can someone fucking do this to somebody? What is inside of us that is so fucking wrong? he had written quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and lots of fucked up things on the box."

Liberate -Back To Top
As the song kicks off, Corey talks about "sectioning off himself".... "putting a wall up"... he's trying to protect himself and "survive". He's very angry at what's going on in his life. Hes being persecuted by the people around him and he doesn't like it one fucking bit. Towards the end, Corey seems to go completely insane.

Prosthetics -Back To Top
The song's based loosely on a 1960's movie called The Collector. The Collector is about a guy who kidnaps this girl and basically adds her to his collection and keeps her. It's a weird kind of psychological thing, and Prosthetics takes it a little bit further - where he is put into a deep sick psychosis as he goes through the whole collecting thing, at the end of the song he ends up killing her and having sex with her.

No Life -Back To Top
I personally feel that No Life is saying that everyone is shit. All you have is yourself and your freedom. Everyone is going to turn around and stab you in the fucking back, you have no one to turn to and you can't depend on anyone but yourself. And it really is no kind of life to live on in constant fear, so you end up hiding behind a false "mask" so no one can see what is really inside. When you need someone the most they are not going to be there cuz they're worried about themselves and themselves only and really don't give a flying fuck.. And when you fall on your fucking face you better get the hell up fast. Read the lyrics and decide for yourself what ya think.

Diluted -Back To Top
Diluted is a song written (in my opinion) about a person who is incapable to continue living. They are haunted by others, and themselves, and may have to deal with emotional problems such as MPD, and Schizophrenia. Or maybe he's just extremely depressed. Either way, the lyrics are more than relatable.

Only One -Back To Top
The meaning to Only One is all too obvious... Corey is pissed off that some asshole's been talking some serious shit about him. Not only is he pissed, but he is going to rectify the situation by finding the fucker and breaking his fucking face.

Scissors -Back To Top
Number 1, drummer Joey Jordison wrote the lyrics to the song Scissors. It seems as if the song is about a person peeling away his skin and cutting open his own body. Scissors is probably the most emotion-filled song anyone's ever heard. Some compare the end of the Slipknot CD to the end of KoRn's Daddy, because both vocalists go off completely. The "extra" lyrics at the end of Scissors are improv! Not even # 8 himself could tell you what they are without listening to the song again.

Eeyeore -Back To Top
Eeyore is the hidden track on the self titled album. The spanish at the end of the song translates to "We're ugly and we smell, but we rule faggot mother fucker" Corey: "Eeyore is just about this one fucking guy from Des Moines, Iowa - he has long blonde fucking hair and he is a prick to people in the fucking pit he's a Thor looking jerkoff- he loves our band but he's a dick to everyone in the pit -he likes to hit fucking chicks-the song is about me losing my mind and just tearing the shit out of him."

Me Inside -Back To Top
Coming Soon.

Get This -Back To Top
The meaning of Get This is all too clear- the music industry nowadays is littered with fucking bullshit bands, locally, continentally and world-wide, and it makes Corey fucking (sic). *cough**cough**limp dickspit**cough*

Interloper -Back To Top
Coming Soon.

Despise -Back To Top
Despise was the demo that evolved into Purity. Better understanding of the meaning of this song coming soon.

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