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Here are a list of the various tattoos that the members of Slipknot sport. The tattoos are accompanied by both the artist, the date of the tattoo and the meaning or relevance of it. Not all the information is known about each tattoo, hence feedback about them would be greatly appreciated.

The most recent tattoos the band have were done at the Skin Kitchen
Older tattoos were carried out by employees of The Axiom

Seven Tattoo

Mick's tattoos,

01: Left Calf: Slipknot Logo Date: Over four Years ago Significance: "Self-explanatory"

02: Forearm: Japanese for "hate" Artist: Hodikin, Tokyo, Japan Date: Japan 2000 Significance: "Hate-get to know me"

Mick also has a devil/angel/cupid type deal on his left shoulder. This was done by Paul Booth.

Mick now has a new tattoo on his left arm which was seemingly completed in summer 2001. The picture to the left clearly points out the new tattoo stating, "Seven" his number.

Chris' Tattoos,

03: Left Leg front: Wolf Date: Europe 2000 Artist: Running Bear - Hankey Pankey's Hangout in Amsterdam

04: Right Leg: Four elements, wind, water, fire and land. Date: Japan 2000 Artist: Ichi - Japan Significance: "The four basic elements of the earth"

Paul's Tattoos,

05: Right Forearm: Picture of the cover of the sounds of death magazine
Artist: Birdman (birdman died February 20th, 1996 while he was employed by the Axiom)
Date: 4/5 years ago Significance: I thought it looked cool so I got it

06: Left arm: Tribal S Artist: Jack Lowe, Skin Kitchen, Des Moines, IA Date: 8 months ago Significance: Represents my band which is everything to me

Sid's tattoos,

07: Left shoulder Artist: Skin Kitchen, Des Moines, IA Significance: Jungle Fever because I am a Junglist (a jungle DJ)

08: Wrist: Flames Artist: Tony Kelly, Peoria, IL Date: Livin La Vida Loca Tour, 1999 Significance: Because I'm always on fire

08 B: Sid has 2 new tattoos (thanks to: "Bug"): a tattoo of the Autobot symbol on the back of his left hand and the Decepticon symbol on his right hand. (photo thanks to: Jonny b.)

Craig's tattoos,

09: Right Leg: Slipknot Logo
Artist: Old band member (most likely Cuddles)
Date: Feb 1998
Significance: It's the Slipknot logo!

10: Left Arm: Tribal Design
Artist: Some guy in PA
Date: Oct 1999
Significance: It looked cool

Shawn's tattoos:

11+12: Left Arm: a) Pinhead elephant, "designed by my wife and myself" Artist: Skin Kitchen, Des Moines, IA Date: Late 1999 Significance: My wife is an elephant lover and I love pinhead so it is representative of the two of us.

b) Pinhead portrait Artist: Skin Kitchen, Des Moines, IA Date: Late 1999 Significance: I have always felt that Pinhead is one of the most evil characters created

c) Wife's name in Japanese Artist: Hodikin, Tokyo, Japan Date: Japan, 2000 Significance: "Her name is on my arm in purple because my whole right arm is an offering.

Shawn has a Slipknot logo on his right calf. It was done to symbolise his union with the band.

Corey recording for Soulfly

Corey's tattoos:

Corey has a tattoo on each side of his neck. The one on the left is Japanese for "death" and the one on the right is Japanese for "father". This is because Corey never knew his real father.

Corey has a half sun/ half moon on his chest. This was done by Paul Booth. On his right arm there is Slipknot's tribal "s" symbol.

On Corey's neck there is also a tribal "s" and an 8.

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