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DVD Features
Format: Color, NTSC
Language: English
Number of discs: 2
Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Roadrunner Records
DVD Release Date: December 5, 2006

Disc 1
The majority of this film is shot on hand held cameras, so usually it is visually and audibly brutal and honest. Disc 2 contains all of the music videos from their album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), including the unreleased "Vermilion Pt. 2" video as well as interviews with most of the band members unmasked and other live footage. Lead guitarist Mick Thomson (#7) has stated that this DVD focuses more on the band's days of touring in support of their new album behind the stage and on the road, not just a live show. He said "You will see more of what our days are like," and also that the video "will be like nothing ever before and more funny shit then the last DVD."

Voliminal: Inside the Nine contains the next step of music videos of Slipknot as Disasterpieces had the music videos from the first and second album.

Disc 2 contains 9 Live performances.

The performances are:

  • (SIC)
  • The Blister Exists
  • Eyeless
  • Duality
  • Vermilion
  • The Heretic Anthem
  • Pulse Of The Maggots
  • Before I Forget
  • People = Shit
Download the DVD trailer:
QuickTime (high) 10 MB
QuickTime (med) 6 MB
QuickTime (low) 4 MB
Windows Media Video (high)
Windows Media Video (med)
Windows Media Video (low)

Voliminal: Inside the Nine is supposed to be a detailed look into the "world" of Slipknot. Unfortuantely, we didn't even enter the atmosphere. Some would compare it as a DVD version of Marilyn Manson's "Smells Like Children". It has it's moments but for the most part you're either bored or you find yourself asking "What the hell is this?". Thankfully this is a double disc DVD. The second disc really redeems the set. The interviews are very interesting. It was nice (for me) to see the guys without their masks and relaxed. Craig's was exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing special. I'm actually surprised he had an interview (well he didn't really say anything, he was just asked a question while he had his face blurred). The videos were really good. Specifically Duality which has a great crazy atmosphere. The Before I Forget video was also great. The live performances, while not as good as those from "Disasterpieces, were great. Every time "People=S**t is performed live it blows my mind. All in all, they should have released the second disc alone and had the few good parts from the first disc included as extras or maybe "easter eggs". Get it for the second disc.
Review by: "A Kid"

Rabbit Holes
There are 10 rabbit holes hidden on disc one. Use the number 9 on your DVD remote to unlock them.

» Corey

This one comes quick, after all the intro stuff has passed by. The cue is someone running across the screen a few times. At time 00:03:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 1)

» Joey

This one comes right after the static calling over radios when the band is standing in a room with the camera pans across. Just when the ominous scene is complete, the rabbit hole is available. At time 00:01:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

» Mick

A point will come up right some Blister footage that has a letter box (mail). Be quick on this one. At time 00:03:02 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

» Paul

After the demo scene of Vermilion, and the funky grayscale shifting seque get your buttons ready. At time 00:08:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 5)

» Craig

Have fun laughing your ass off as Steve pukes his guts up, with the "hell ya" comments. Don't laugh past your chance though.. At time 00:04:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 6)

» mysterious 10th rabbit hole (actually number six)

A few minutes after the puke scene and after Craig's rabbit hole, Mick is in the mansion talking to the camera and then it suddenly hits for like half a second so be quick on this one!

» James

After the dog is barking and it shows some tripping stuff happening with grass, that is your cue. At time 00:02:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 8)

» Chris

This is right after you see the spinning room and hear Danger, Keep Away playing. At time 00:04:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

» Sid

This one pops up almost right after Chris's hole. At time 00:04:40 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

» Clown

When you see the live Vermilion pt.2 video playing, get ready for the last one. At time 00:06:50 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

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